Yvonne Nelson considers releasing sequel of I Am Not Yvonne Nelson

June 24, 2024
Yvonne Nelson considers releasing sequel of I Am Not Yvonne Nelson

Celebrated actress, is considering the release of a sequel to her highly-discussed memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson,' exactly a year after its initial publication sparked widespread attention and debate.

The memoir, which is her personal revelations on her family, love life, abortion and her struggle to discover herself and her place in the world, became a trending topic for weeks upon its release.

Reflecting on the anniversary of its debut, Yvonne Nelson expressed gratitude for the support received and hinted at the possibility of sharing more of her truth with the public.

In a recent post, she shared her thoughts on the reactions her memoir garnered.

“The LOVE from people who get it! ❤️ the hate from those who never read it! The arguments and debates from those who aren't as bold and the judgements from those who have dirtier secrets……. I sat back, observed and said to myself, ……..our society needs more TRUTH, IT IS DROWNING IN LIES. Part 2? Let's see.”

Yvonne Nelson also highlighted the positive impact of her book tour, dubbed ‘The Real Tour,' which she described as one of the most fulfilling experiences since the memoir's release.

She expressed joy at the reactions of her audience during these , noting the special moments shared with her readers.

The actress further announced her initiative to distribute free copies of her book.

Yvonne nelson's book triggered negative reactions from some persons who were addressed in the book.

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