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We are thrilled to invite writers who share our enthusiasm for delivering timely and accurate entertainment news coverage of Ghana and its neighbouring regions to contribute to Entgh. As an independent local news website, Entgh is dedicated to offering high-quality reporting across various domains bordering on the economy.

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At Entgh.com, our articles are read by over 100,000 readers each month, with more than a million internet users encountering our content on various search platforms. Since our inception in 2023, our audience has been growing at a remarkable rate of 20% monthly, showcasing our proficiency in online reach despite being relatively “young”.

What sets us apart is our extensive online presence. Your contributions to Entgh will reach a broad audience, surpassing many established names in the online media landscape. With 50% of our readers residing in Ghana and the other 50% hailing from the , Germany, and other parts of the world, your articles will engage individuals directly interested in Ghanaian and African affairs.

We maintain a robust  presence on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, , and Telegram, ensuring that your content reaches thousands daily. Additionally, curated content is regularly shared with our email subscribers.

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At Entgh, our mission is to furnish readers with comprehensive and dependable information that keeps them well-informed and connected to the world around them. We are committed to upholding principles of transparency, accountability, and freedom of expression, recognizing that diverse perspectives and voices are indispensable for achieving these objectives.

Submission Guidelines

We do not accept AI-generated content at Entgh. While you're welcome to utilize AI for research and article writing, any unnatural content will be declined by our editorial team to comply with Google's helpful content policy.

For sponsored posts intended solely for building backlinks are not allowed. We offer featured or sponsored post options at a fee of $100. Payment must be made before publication, and the sponsored post tag will be applied in accordance with Google and Entgh Editorial Policy. Authors are however permitted to link to other external sites as a reference. Please refer to our advertising rate card for detailed information.

We strictly prohibit adult content, gambling content, or articles promoting such content on Timesgh. However, we do publish articles that address adult content or gambling in a beneficial manner. We abstain from promoting such content to safeguard our online reputation.

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If you're a writer, journalist, or expert eager to share your insights, we encourage you to submit your articles and contributions to our editor at [email protected]. Whether you have breaking news, opinion essay, in-depth analysis, or commentary on recent developments, we welcome your submissions.

We are excited to collaborate with you in delivering the finest coverage of the entertainment economy in the Africa region to our readers.