What’s with Ghanaian men and asking for foreign ladies’ phone number? It’s too much!

Tourist shares ordeal at the hands of random Ghanaian men constantly pestering her for her phone number
June 7, 2024
It’s too much

I'm travelling solo in Ghana at the moment and everywhere I go, Ghanaian men are asking me for my number. I'm a bit surprised because I'm not just being randomly approached on the street. I have only been here 2 weeks and I've had staff from the airport, restaurant staff, hotel staff, taxi/bolt drivers, men running the tourist activities like quad biking and museums, all asking me for my number and wanting to take me out. Even a police officer! The ages of these men range from 25 – 75 yrs old.

It's a bit frustrating at times, because I can't simply eat in peace at a restaurant or enjoy a tourist activity without these men begging for my details and asking if I'm married or have a boyfriend. Is this fairly common in Ghana or maybe all of Africa?

I really don't know what to do in these situations and how to say no because they are so persistent. After eating at a restaurant in the airport and going to my gate number, a waiter left his job and tracked me down in the terminal and asked why I left without giving him my details and then proceeded to talk my ear off until my flight was boarding. It's too much oo.

I've never experienced this anywhere and last time I was in Africa I was travelling with my Dad and brother so I guess they were a barrier for being approached by men. Can anyone speak on this?

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