VIDEO: US R&B star Ne-Yo reverses apology over comments disapproving transgender surgeries for children

October 14, 2023
VIDEO: US R&B star Ne-Yo reverses apology over comments disapproving transgender surgeries for children
R&B star Ne-Yo

Acclaimed pop and R&B artist Ne-Yo, also known as Shaffer Chimere Smith, has taken to to clarify his stance on children receiving gender transition treatments, following a recent controversy sparked by his comments.

The singer's remarks emerged during a conversation on VladTV with Gloria Velez, where he criticized parents who permit their children to undergo “life-changing decisions” related to gender transitions. The conversation quickly gained attention, prompting a response from + activists.

Initially defending his viewpoint on Instagram, Ne-Yo later issued a written apology on his social media platform. The apology expressed regret for any hurt caused by his comments, acknowledging their potential insensitivity and offense, especially within the LGBTQI+ community.

However, Ne-Yo later opted to personally address the matter in a video posted on Instagram. In the video, he asserted his right to hold and express his opinions while clarifying his position. He emphasized that his intention was never to offend anyone but to voice his thoughts on the matter.

Ne-Yo highlighted that he plans to educate himself further on the issues surrounding gender identity, underscoring his commitment to understanding and growth. He reiterated his respect for the LGBTQIA+ community and stressed his aim to engage in open and respectful dialogue.

The artist concluded by encouraging peaceful coexistence and the acceptance of differing opinions. Ne-Yo emphasized that while disagreements may arise, respectful discourse should prevail.

In his video caption, Ne-Yo firmly stated his refusal to be coerced into apologizing for having an opinion, reiterating his belief in the importance of open dialogue and the coexistence of varying perspectives.

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