Use internet to promote local movies – National Film Authority CEO

October 14, 2023
Use internet to promote local movies - National Film Authority CEO
Madam Juliet Asante

, Ghana – In a recent meeting of film industry stakeholders, Madam Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante, the Chief Executive Officer of the National Film Authority, emphasized the importance of utilizing the internet to promote Ghanaian films to a global audience.

The event, organized by the National Film Authority in collaboration with the and funded by the , aimed to enhance the capabilities of film industry professionals in the to showcase their films worldwide.

During the gathering, Madam Asante urged players in the film industry to leverage new technologies, particularly the internet, for the distribution, exhibition, and marketing of their films on an international scale.

She highlighted the need for the local film industry to establish technical standards that align with global benchmarks, emphasizing the significance of learning from other countries to strengthen their capabilities.

Encouraging filmmakers to utilize their craft to project Ghana's rich culture and heritage to the world, Madam Asante emphasized the role of films in portraying the country's unique identity. By leveraging the power of the internet and digital platforms, local filmmakers have the opportunity to reach global audiences and increase the visibility of Ghanaian cinema.

Mr. George Bosompim, the Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts, addressed the film producers present, stressing the importance of complying with copyright laws and ensuring the fair distribution of royalties.

Mr Bosompim also urged filmmakers to conduct thorough research on both local and international films, enabling them to improve their production standards and stay updated with industry trends.

In addition, Bosompim advised the promotion and facilitation of co-production between local and foreign producers as a strategic measure to enhance the visibility and success of Ghanaian movies. Collaboration with international partners not only offers exposure to new markets but also provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and skills development.

Professor Gabriel Eshun, the Technical Advisor for the Ghana Tourism Development Project, emphasized the film industry's role in promoting the moral, ethical, and aesthetic values of Ghanaian society as part of tourism promotion to the world.

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