University of Ghana introduces internship policy to boost students’ employability

October 25, 2023
University of Ghana Introduces Internship Policy to Boost Students' Employability

The (UG) has launched a new internship policy aimed at enhancing students' employability skills and providing opportunities for continuous learning. The policy will enable UG students to apply for internship opportunities with various organizations and institutions while still in school, offering them real-world experience as part of their education.

Professor Nana Aba Appiah Amfo, the Vice Chancellor of UG, expressed that the policy was designed to align students' career goals with their academic studies. It will also structure internships by ensuring proper documentation of records, implementing an effective monitoring and evaluation system, and enhancing collaboration with industry partners.

Prof. Amfo stated, “Our students will gain additional advantages with this policy in their internships. They have an opportunity to work in related fields, secure future employment, and boost their resume.”

Mr. Ignatius Baffour-Awuah, the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, emphasized the significance of the initiative for educational development. He noted that it would address employers' demands for graduates with hands-on job skills and strengthen the partnership between academia and industry. The internships will enable students to learn corporate ethics and gain exposure to the world of work.

University of Ghana introduces internship policy to boost students' employability

Dr. Evans Aggrey-Darkoh, Head of Civil Service, welcomed the policy, highlighting its potential to enrich the University's academic curriculum and enhance classroom discussions. He also pointed out that employers would benefit from a larger pool of talented graduates to choose from for future employment opportunities.

The new internship policy will be administered at the College level, where applicants can select organizations relevant to their field of study. It is open to both undergraduate and graduate students, offering internships lasting six to 10 weeks per academic year and between six to 12 months for Doctoral Experiential Learning. This policy represents a significant step toward equipping students with the skills and experience needed to succeed in the professional world.

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