Spotify’s Afrobeats website gets new updates, showcasing genre’s evolution and impact

July 6, 2023
Spotify's Afrobeats website gets new updates, showcasing genre's evolution and impact
Spotify Afrobeats Journey of Billion Streams

's dedicated : Journey to a Billion Streams site has received new updates, shedding light on the evolution of Afrobeats from its early origins in Ghana to its global success.

The site serves as a comprehensive resource, exploring the genre's journey, fusion with different sounds, and its role in promoting African culture worldwide.

The latest updates highlight Afrobeats' constant thirst for reinvention, with research indicating that 90% of fans expect the genre to continue evolving.

The site delves into three distinct eras of creativity that shaped Afrobeats' connection to global audiences, from its Hip Hop-influenced roots to the infusion of foreign influences and local lyrics, and the defining hits that marked pivotal moments.

In addition, the updates showcase exclusive video interviews with notable figures in the Afrobeats scene, including Nigerian producer Sarz, CEO of Storm Records Obi Asika, UK-based Afrobeats artist May7ven, and Ghanaian music producer Kofi Bansah.

The site also reveals intriguing data, such as the top streamed Afrobeats artists of all time and the number of hours of Afrobeats music streamed in the past year.

Phiona Okumu, Head of Music for Spotify in Sub-Saharan Africa, acknowledges the collaborative effort that contributed to Afrobeats' global influence, citing the artists, DJs, and passionate fans who have propelled the genre to its current position.

Listeners are encouraged to explore the updated Afrobeats website on Spotify, offering an immersive experience that celebrates the genre's evolution and impact. For further information, interviews, or content usage requests, interested parties are invited to reach out.

Spotify revolutionized music listening in 2008, aiming to unlock the potential of human creativity by supporting artists and providing fans with an exceptional audio streaming experience.

With over 515 million monthly active users and 210 million subscribers, Spotify offers a vast catalogue of over 100 million tracks and more than 5 million podcast titles. Operating in over 180 markets, Spotify remains committed to its mission of inspiring and delighting music and podcast enthusiasts worldwide.

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