Shatta Walle ‘chides’ local music industry again, praising Nigeria

April 18, 2022
Shatta Walle 'chides' local music industry again, praising Nigeria
Shatta Wale

Shatta Walle, Ghana's dancehall king, has sparked controversy with a recent tweet in which he criticized the state of the Ghanaian music industry and expressed his desire for a record label.

In the post, he wrote, “ is a disgrace. Mek nobody lie you.” He also called for cooperation with Nigerian fans and promoters, saying “Is better we stop arguing with Nigerian Fans, promoters, etc and ask for help”.

The musician also expressed his admiration for music industry by saying “Shouts to Naija ????????” and criticized Ghanaians for not taking action.

Fans have been divided in their reactions to the tweet, with some defending the artist and others criticizing him for his comments.

As expected, Twitter users did not take kindly to these words of the “King of the Streets”. The following are some reactions to Shatta Walle's tweet.

@dubik_stevens also added his voice; agreeing with Shatta Walle's former manager Bulldog on the performance of Shatta Walle's album compared to Black Sheriff's

ANDRE @mrendre_1759 thought what Shatta Walle was saying was the truth, he posted “He is definitely saying the TRUTH but people will bash Him .. 80%of Ghanaians are now into NIGERIA music because of Good sound quality, Mad Vibes, Trending sounds,..
It time for GHANAIAN artistes to ask for help and stop complaining every single year..”

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