Salma Mumin reveals what will make her get married

June 8, 2024
Salma Mumin reveals what will make her get married

Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, Salma Mumin has revealed the one thing that will make her get married.

Speaking in a recent interview on a Kumasi-based radio station, Salma Mumin disclosed that she will only get married to a man she is in love with. According to her before she gets married, she wants a man who truly loves her. In the interview with Nana Wiser of Angel FM, the acclaimed actress laid out specific terms and conditions that any prospective suitor must meet.

During the interaction, Salma Mumin emphasised that love would be the basis for her to marry any man, however, money also counts. “The person must love me, then I can love him back,” she said.

Initially reluctant to speak on the subject, the actress later indicated that other conditions, such as showing her affection, should also be met. Salma Mumin, who was with her colleague actress Fella Makafui, initially hesitated to discuss the topic.

However, she eventually opened up, explaining that she would consider only if the terms and conditions were favourable for her.

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