Renowned Togolese musician to perform at Adaklu Kodzobi anniversary celebration

February 28, 2024
Renowned Togolese musician to perform at Adaklu Kodzobi anniversary celebration

Adaklu Kodzobi in the Adaklu district of the is set to come alive with music as Mr Agboti Yao, a renowned Togolese musician, takes the stage on Friday. This performance marks a highlight of the month-long 40th-anniversary celebration of the installation of Togbe Dzegblade IV, Chief of the community.

Apostle Daniel Amanu, Chairman of the anniversary planning committee, revealed to the that Mr Agboti Yao will be joined by other talented artists such as Mr Nanevi Mawueta, Tony Dee, David Mawutor, Vinyo, Gowa, and Dan Larry, a Pan-Africanist. Local drumming groups will also be part of the lineup, promising a diverse and vibrant musical experience.

Apostle Amanu emphasized the significance of music to Togbe Dzegblade, stating that it was one of his passions. Therefore, the planning committee saw it fitting to arrange performances by both local and international artists to entertain him and his guests during the anniversary celebration.

The event, which will take place at the community's school park, is open to the public and free of charge, inviting all members of the community, both at home and abroad, as well as well-wishers, to join in the festivities.

The celebration will culminate in a grand durbar and the launching of the Togbe Dzegblade Educational Fund on Saturday, 2nd March 2024. Apostle Amanu appealed to everyone to come together to make the durbar a memorable occasion, showcasing unity and solidarity within the community.

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