Private news publishers call for swift legal action against attackers of UTV studio

October 9, 2023
Private Newspapers and Online News Publishers Association of Ghana
NPP-linked group of young men disrupt live TV show

Private Newspapers and Online News Publishers Association of Ghana (PRINPAG) has strongly urged law enforcement agencies to expedite legal proceedings against the 16 individuals arrested in connection with the recent invasion of the United Television () studio.

The call comes following a disturbing attack on the host and guests during UTV's United Showbiz program by individuals allegedly linked to the New Patriotic Party () youth.

PRINPAG, representing media owners in Ghana, released an official statement on Sunday expressing deep concern and unequivocally condemning the assault.

The association emphasized its unwavering commitment to press freedom and voiced its distress over the recurring acts of aggression against journalists and media organizations in the country.

Ghana's reputation as a bastion of press freedom had been gradually diminishing, a concern underscored by its recent drop from 60th to 62nd place in the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Global Press Freedom ranking for 2023.

The attack on UTV, which occurred during a live broadcast on Saturday, October 7, 2023, has further exacerbated the erosion of trust in the media landscape and jeopardized the progress made in securing a positive ranking in future press freedom indexes.

However, PRINPAG commended the prompt response of the police in arresting 16 suspects, potentially preventing a more dire situation.

In their statement, PRINPAG extended a call to all stakeholders, particularly the police, to ensure swift and transparent legal action against those responsible.

Such action, they emphasized, would serve as a critical deterrent to potential perpetrators of violence against journalists and media establishments.

PRINPAG also used this opportunity to rally journalists across the country, urging them not to be intimidated or discouraged by such incidents.

They called on journalists to stand resolutely in their role as the Fourth Estate of the realm, upholding the ethical standards of their profession without compromise.

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