MzGee did nothing wrong, Let her have some breathing room!

May 8, 2024
MzGee did nothing wrong, Let her have some breathing room!

Let me1 quickly address the - controversy before delving into Nana Acheampong's decision to avoid discussing Xheila.

The crux of the UTV-Medikal matter here lies in who holds the reins when it comes to interview questions.

It's a well-known fact that interviewees often have little control over the questions posed to them. However, in paid interviews, questions are typically predetermined and submitted in advance.

Medikal and his team could have intentionally crafted specific questions to steer the conversation in a direction favorable to him after his UK show if he wanted everybody to sing his praise.

For him and his friends to expect unanimous compliance in telling or retelling his 02 experience is unrealistic to put it softly.

It's crucial to acknowledge that the panelists on UTV weren't there to promote Medikal but rather to offer their perspectives on trending news, particularly within the entertainment industry. Neither is MzGee Medikal's hype woman.

Let's concede that there are no inherently foolish or meaningless questions; the real issue lies in the responses they elicit.

If MzGee is not angry about Medikal's attack on her person during the interview, then, Medikal had no case attacking MzGee, and the owners of UTV post the interview on .

On this occasion, I stand on the thinking of George Orwell, the esteemed author, and journalist, when he said, journalism entails writing, asking, and publishing what others wish to keep hidden.

MzGee on this occasion, elected to be a journalist, not Medikal's PR person. Keep asking them uncomfortable questions.

As to talking about Fella Makafui right or not, the answer is who broke the news of their marital troubles?

Was it MzGee? Her panellists or Medikal?

It's perplexing to publicize such personal matters days before a major event and then turn around dictating which topics should be discussed. Who does that?

Didn't Medikal declare his single status and search for a partner during his performance on the 02 stage in the UK? Isn't that newsworthy in itself?

In this instance, MzGEE did nothing wrong. Let her have some breathing room!

  1. The author Charlse McCarthy a journalist and editor of The Hawk newspaper ↩︎

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