McBrown Maxwell divorce: McBrown moves from East Legon mansion after Maxwell demands payment

June 22, 2024
McBrown Maxwell divorce McBrown moves from East Legon mansion after Maxwell demands payment

This week has ended bitterly for our media darling, after her estranged husband Maxwell Mensah took to his Instagram account to delete all her photos from his page.

Maxwell took the bold step to revive their divorce rumours again although things have died down.

To make things worse, Mcbrown's rival Serwaa Prikels has been shading her after successfully snatching Maxwell from her.

She posted on that she had won because she has a pure heart and a real nyash.

The event has kicked started a whole lot of conversation on social media with content creators adding their bit.

Coming after that, there has been a claim that Maxwell is enjoying Nana Ama McBrown's sweat.

According to the report, when things got ugly and Maxwell started cheating right before McBrown's eyes, she asked him to move out of her house.

However, Maxwell made things complicated for her after he brought up the issue of land ownership.

Report says McBrown built their East Legon mansion on Maxwell's family land, so when she asked him to move out, he asked her to pay for the land which according to report is expensive then the house itself.

Actress Nana Ama McBrown allegedly had no choice than to move to her other house while Maxwell enjoys her mansion with her sidechick.

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