MC Yaa Yeboah urges Kumawood actor LilWin to employ professionals to protect his brand

June 5, 2024
MC Yaa Yeboah urges Kumawood actor LilWin to employ professionals to protect his brand

Entertainment pundit MC Yaa Yeboah has called for popular actor to dismiss his management team and bring in professionals for the protection of his brand.

According to Yeboah, many creatives in Ghana hire individuals based on personal relationships rather than professional qualifications.

This, she argued, leads to emotionally driven decisions and a lack of proper crisis management skills, especially when artists face public scrutiny or controversy.

“The reason why most of our artists are poorly managed is because, most of the time, their management team consists of people who like them and follow them. They do not invest in professionals to do the right thing.

“And that is why they get stressed when controversies arise. Then they get angry and accuse the media of being unprofessional when things don't go their way. Instead of hiring professionals, they hire people they know.

“And most of the time, these people will speak out of emotions because they love you. They don't think properly,” she stated.

Her comments come in the aftermath of a tragic involving LilWin, which resulted in the death of a 3-year-old boy in May.

The initial response from his Public Relations Officer (PRO), Okyeame Akwadaa Nyame, was considered insensitive and unprofessional by many, who noted that the press release failed to promptly acknowledge the child's death but instead focused on requesting prayers for LilWin and his manager.

During an appearance on 's United Showbiz, MC Yaa Yeboah accused the PRO of unprofessional behavior for shifting blame onto the child's father and his defensive stance on .

“An accident occurred, and his PRO, in one of the releases, didn't even acknowledge the child's death until paragraph 4. He even concluded the statement by asking us to pray for LilWin and his manager. What kind of disrespect is that?

“He later blamed the child's father for placing the son in the front seat. The least he could have done was acknowledge the child's death and offer condolences to the family.

“But he continues on social media saying things like we shouldn't blame LilWin and how such comments are distasteful and so on,” she told MzGee, the host of the show.

She added that his actions as a PRO would tarnish LilWin's reputation and suggested that communicating in Twi would be preferable if it meant clearer and more respectful messaging.

“No one is cautioning him; he keeps going on, thinking he is making sense. The things he is saying in the name of LilWin are actually damaging to the actor's reputation.

“And we are making excuses like ‘He can't speak English'. Who allowed him to be a PRO if he can't speak English? He should speak Twi.

“I know LilWin himself is wise; he has 5 kids, and he understands what it means to lose a child. He will never allow that guy to write and say those things,” she said.

MC Yaa Yeboah further urged LilWin to replace his entire team and hire professionals to effectively manage his career and help him achieve his full potential.

“To LilWin, when you recover, replace your entire team and hire professionals who will manage you well and help you reach your full potential,” she said.

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