Market women in Tema Community 1 celebrate Christmas in style

December 27, 2023
Market women in Tema Community 1 celebrate Christmas in style
Tema Community 1 Market Women

Market women at the Community One market broke away from their usual market attire to celebrate Day and Boxing Day in grand style.

Instead of their regular clothing, the women adorned beautiful African print attire, creating a vibrant and festive atmosphere within the market.

Spinners played music at various corners, adding to the joyous ambience.

Madam Mary Sam, a tomato seller, revealed that small groups within the market collaborated to plan and choose a specific cloth for the festive season.

The primary goal was to promote unity and reconciliation among the women, fostering a spirit of forgiveness and goodwill as they entered the new year.

The decision to dress uniformly in African print was symbolic, emphasizing the importance of unity and love among the market women.

The hope was that this collective effort would strengthen their bond and set a positive tone for the upcoming year.

Madam Agatha Bonney, a fishmonger, highlighted another purpose of the celebration – generating funds for developmental projects.

Customers and drivers who appreciated their festive attire made donations, which were then used to purchase brooms and other cleaning equipment for regular clean-up exercises within the market.

Some funds were also allocated to support older market women who have retired due to age and health issues.

Additionally, Madam Afia Baah, a vegetable seller, expressed that the celebration aimed to challenge public perceptions about market women.

The women wanted to showcase their sense of and demonstrate that they have lives beyond their roles as sellers in the market.

She extended greetings to all customers, wishing them a happy Christmas and good health.

Madam Baah also advised drivers to exercise caution and drive safely during the festive season to prevent road accidents.

The celebration not only brought joy and unity to the market but also conveyed a positive image of the fashion-forward market women in Tema Community One.

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