Mark Asari reaches new milestone after ‘Energy’ song was featured in a Netflix movie

July 8, 2024
Mark Asari reaches new milestone after 'Energy' song was featured in a Netflix movie

British-Ghanaian singer-songwriter and producer Mark Asari has reached a new milestone after his “Energy' song was featured in the Netflix movie.

The song ‘Energy,' a collaboration with producer iZNiiK from 2018, was featured in the Netflix movie “Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F,” starring Eddie Murphy.

The song ‘Energy,' a dynamic blend of electronic, dance, and R&B featuring Mark's vocal and lyrical abilities, appeared on iZNiiK's third EP, aptly dubbed “EP 3.”  

The track's beat and vibrant energy have set dance floors ablaze and captured the attention of film producers, landing it a coveted sync placement in the latest installment of the iconic “Beverly Hills Cop” franchise. 

Asari, reflecting on this milestone, said, “It feels very surreal and exciting to be included in such a monumental film franchise as “Beverly Hills Cop,” starring a household name like Eddie Murphy. I still remember the iconic theme tune from when I was a little kid. I'm super grateful for the opportunity, and it has given me the inspiration to keep pushing.” 

This accomplishment adds to an already impressive list of achievements for talented singer-songwriters.

Last year, he captivated audiences with his portrayal of Simba in Disney's awe-inspiring production, The Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands, at Disneyland Paris.

His journey from the bustling streets of London, influenced by his Ghanaian heritage, to global recognition is proof of his relentless dedication and exceptional talent.
From his early days signing with Global Talent and Island Records, performing with the boyband Encore, and collaborations with music luminaries like Ariana Grande and Craig David, Mark Asari's career trajectory has been inspiring and uplifting.

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