Lil Win shares behind-the-scenes challenges of ‘A Country Called Ghana’

May 15, 2024
Lil Win shares behind-the-Scenes Challenges of ‘A Country Called Ghana’

Ghanaian filmmaker and director Lil Win has opened up about the difficulties faced during the production of his latest movie, ‘A Country Called Ghana'. Initially planned with an all-Ghanaian cast, the project was later expanded to include Nigerian actors to boost its international appeal, particularly for streaming platforms like Netflix.

During an interview with Hitz FM, Lil Win explained the decision to include Nigerian actors Charles Anwurum and Victor Osuagwu, known as ‘Awilo Sharp Sharp'. The changes were made to attract a broader audience. However, this led to unexpected complications, particularly with the original lead actor.

Lil Win revealed that Ramsey Nouah was brought on board at the last minute after the initial lead, described as a “light-skinned Ghanaian actor who is a superstar,” withdrew from the project just 10 days before shooting was set to begin. Despite having negotiated the fee, sent the script, and even prepared the costumes based on the actor's measurements, the lead actor canceled due to perceived budget issues upon learning that Nigerian actors had been flown in.

“We had sent him the script and had a series of dialogues with him, and he had even named his price. This actor even submitted his measurements, and we had sewn all his costumes for the filming,” Lil Win recounted. “But when he saw that some Nigerians had come on board, he reached out to cancel the deal because he said he considered our budget, but since we were able to fly Nigerians into the country for the same project, he felt we could have done better with his payment.”

Although Lil Win renegotiated and reached an agreement, the actor continued to impose restrictions, significantly complicating the production schedule. “The movie was to be shot in 21 days, but the lead actor's scene was just for 10 days. Even after the negotiation, the Ghanaian actor said he cannot work on weekends, so he will be on set for 8 days. Initially, I thought he wanted to make more monetary demands, so I was ready, but he started becoming difficult to work with due to his many restrictions.”

Frustrated with the constant adjustments and demands, Lil Win decided to terminate the deal with the Ghanaian actor and sought an alternative, ultimately casting Ramsey Nouah. He described the process of getting Ramsey Nouah on board as smooth, with negotiations conducted efficiently. Nouah agreed to the terms and traveled to Ghana to collaborate on the project with half of the payment secured.

When asked to name the “light-skinned Ghanaian actor” who caused the production issues, Lil Win stated that he would only reveal the name after the movie's premiere.

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