Lasmid departs Highly Spiritual Music – confirmed by Kaywa

June 5, 2023

, Ghana – The talented artist known for his hit song ‘Friday Night,' Lasmid, has officially left the Highly Spiritual Music record label.

The departure was confirmed by Kaywa, the Chief Executive Officer of the label, during a discussion on Adom TV's ShowTym with on Sunday, June 4, 2023.

Kaywa hinted that internal issues within the label played a significant role in Lasmid's decision to leave, and despite their back-and-forth conversations, Lasmid had made up his mind.

“The conversation with Lasmid has been ongoing for a while, even before the . He had been expressing his desire to leave for quite some time. There is more to the story, but I prefer not to make it public,” Kaywa stated.

However, Kaywa reassured fans that the complete truth behind the situation would be revealed at the right time to provide clarity to the whole situation.

Lasmid becomes the second artist to part ways with the label in a few weeks, following Mr Drew's departure after the end of his contract to explore new opportunities.

Highly Spiritual Music was established in 2017 and has seen the departure of notable artists such as Kurl Songs, Yaw Berk, Krymi, and King Maaga, all of whom have since left the label.

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