Kwesi Arthur dispels rumours of quitting music, drops new song

February 21, 2024
Kwesi Arthur
Kwesi Arthur

Ghanaian rapper Kwesi Arthur has directly addressed recent claims suggesting that he has quit the music industry and moved out of the country. The rumours circulated after YouTuber DJ Slimming asserted that Kwesi Arthur had lost interest in music, relocated, and was engaged in other ventures.

Responding to the speculation in a video shared by X user KalyJay, Kwesi Arthur dismissed the claims with a simple statement: “Go stream my new jam,” accompanied by a link to his latest music release, ‘Jungle Pt1.'

In the comments section, fans expressed relief and excitement that the rapper had addressed the rumors and also released new music. Many affirmed their support for Kwesi Arthur and emphasized their eagerness for more of his work.

“I knew the rumours were false. You can't stop music bro, we need u. The song u just dropped de3 hm be like u for prepare another one cos aka jungle ni mu,” one X user said.

Another fan tweeted, “I know my real GOAT. I know you're coming back harder.”

While Kwesi Arthur's response reassured fans, some criticized DJ Slimming for spreading false information. One user commented, “Dj Slim too he be some guy oo, ah Why you go talk this thing?”

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