Join me in another DumsorMustStop vigil – Yvonne Nelson

May 1, 2024
Yvonne Nelson

Ghanaian actress and activist has issued a passionate call to action in response to the resurgence of the power crisis, known as Dumsor, in Ghana. In a heartfelt message addressed to fellow Ghanaians, Nelson expressed deep concern over the return of the debilitating issue and called for unity in demanding accountability from the government.

Referencing her previous involvement in the DumsorMustStop Campaign back in 2015, Nelson reminisced about the collaborative efforts made alongside notable figures such as Kofi Bentil from Imani Ghana, Prince David Osei, D Black, Van Vicker, Efya, , Barima Sidney, and DKB. Together, they rallied for change and demanded action from the government to address the inadequate electricity supply that was hindering the nation's progress.

Despite the challenges faced during the initial campaign, Nelson emphasized the need for renewed activism in light of the current situation. She highlighted the importance of setting aside political differences and coming together as Ghanaians to tackle the pressing issue of Dumsor.

Nelson revealed that she had reached out to key individuals from IMANI Africa, including Kofi Bentil and Franklin Cudjoe, to explore the possibility of organizing another vigil. However, she expressed disappointment at not receiving a response and extended an open call to all Ghanaians, organizations, and legal professionals willing to join her in pushing for meaningful action.

The actress appealed to lawyers, volunteers, and concerned citizens to lend their expertise and support in planning and executing the event, emphasizing that she cannot tackle the issue alone. Yvonne Nelson urged unity in the pursuit of a brighter and more prosperous future for Ghana.

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