James Gardiner opens up about personal struggles on his birthday

May 31, 2024
James Gardiner opens up about personal struggles on his birthday

Award-winning Ghanaian actor has candidly shared his and feelings of emptiness in a heartfelt post on his birthday. Despite his accomplishments and ongoing acting career, Gardiner expressed a heavy heart and the need to vent his frustrations.

“I was going to keep it simple but I've got a lot on my mind! I just feel I need to vent out! I need to talk to someone, anyone! My heart is heavy!” Gardiner wrote. He revealed that although it was his birthday, he found it difficult to celebrate and had spent the morning in tears.

Gardiner detailed his entrepreneurial journey, starting a car rental company in 2018 that thrived until the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant downturn. After selling the cars, he invested in a nightclub in Ghana, hoping for a turnaround, but faced further setbacks. “Friends and family didn't support much. The ones who did, did! Yes I'm working and doing what I love ……. Acting! But I'm just not happy! I feel empty tbh,” he confessed.

Despite his challenges, Gardiner emphasized his gratitude for life and his determination to persevere. “I still have the most valuable thing, Life! Don't get me wrong, I'm still thankful! I've said my prayers this morning. I thank God for another chapter,” he added.

Acknowledging the difficulties men face, Gardiner appealed for understanding and support, ending his message on a hopeful note. “Just know that Men go through a lot too and we usually barely have people to run to! So thank you for hearing me out lol …….. Just say a prayer for me! I'm gonna keep my head high and continue to figure it out!” he concluded.

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