Is Nana Acheampong denying Xheila fatherhood?

May 8, 2024
Is Nana Acheampong denying Xheila fatherhood?

Let's talk about the tempting whispers of speculation about Xheila and her Dad! Let's delve into the swirling vortex of supposition about Ernest Nana Acheampong, one-half of the legendary Lumba Brothers.

Let it be recorded upfront that we are morally not saints. Neither are we playing God with our views. We are merely participating in public discourse devoid of insults.

Now, to address the elephant in the room: Is Owoahene Acheampong, the Champion Lover, refuting the claim that Xheila is his flesh and blood? Or is he simply playing ‘Na Nka Ebeye Den' and ‘Ashiwo More' on repeat?

I am asking because the smooth-talking Nana Acheampong has been playing a game of verbal dodgeball, skillfully sidestepping questions about Xheila's parentage while showering attention on , as his pride and joy in his interviews. Champion, stop the rigmarole.

Meanwhile, Xheila maintains that she is Gyakie's big sis and, by default, Nana Acheampong's firstborn.

Peeling beneath the slayers of this convoluted narrative, one cannot help but ponder the inner machinations of Nana Acheampong's psyche. Could his reticence stem from family drama, or perhaps from a calculated manoeuvre to safeguard his connections in Germany, where Gyakie's maternal origins are said to lie?

It becomes apparent that Nana Acheampong's reluctance to address Sheila isn't about his inability to provide but rather a delicate dance of familial politics and personal livelihoods.

Why has he allowed speculation to run rampant then?

Now, in this riveting spectacle of public scrutiny, it is high time for respected Nana Acheampong to take a page from the book of Maury Povich and opt for the definitive clarity of a DNA test to dispel any doubts. After all, nothing says “I'm not the father” louder than a DNA paternity test, does it not?

Will Nana Acheampong summon the courage to confront the truth head-on, or will he continue to pirouette around the issue?

At Xheila's age, what she needs is the validity that she has a father in Nana Acheampong, and nothing further than that.

‘Nana ‘Kyere No Wodo'. Na Xheila ‘Enfa Bewo so da!.

Mr Acheampong must be reminded about the vicissitudes of life. He must be told in plain text that the future is unknown. The fact that Xheila is crawling in her chosen career does not mean she will forever remain a crawler. For no condition is permanent.

Xheila, much like Gyakie, deserves your emotional support, protection, bonding, and connection. She deserves your encouragement in her exploration. I don't think what she needs from you is German citizenship. No! All Xheila needs now is for you to acknowledge her as your daughter too. ‘Kyere No Wodo'.

Nana Anaa! How do you feel seeing DL posting Xheila? That should tell you that if you don't, another will do. Referencing your songs ‘Maye Obi Dea' and ‘It's Too Late' together, and wrapping up with ‘YEE BRE' from the ‘Odo Nfitiase' album of 1993, tell me if Xheila does not deserve your answers.

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