Incredible Zigi drops new dance vibe check with Yemi Alade’s “Tomorrow”

June 8, 2024
Incredible Zigi drops new dance vibe check with Yemi Alade’s "Tomorrow"

Buckle up, because Ghanaian dance phenomenon Incredible Zigi is back with another fire challenge, this time set to the smooth sounds of Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade's latest single, “Tomorrow.”

Zigi, known for his infectious energy and ability to make any song a dancefloor anthem, has crafted a challenge that's both captivating and accessible.

Released just days ago, Zigi's high-energy dance challenge for the infectious track is already catching fire across . In true Zigi , his choreography is incredibly catchy and accessible, allowing anyone – dancer or not – to get in on the viral fun with friends.

This isn't just about following steps, though. Zigi is a master choreographer who understands the power of dance. He's been a driving force behind transforming music into cultural movements, using dance as a language that transcends borders. Remember the electrifying Kupe and Pilolo dance moves that took the world by storm? Yep, that's Zigi's genius at work.

Perhaps his most awarded work was his previous choreography for Yemi Alade's “Baddie” video, which snagged the Best Music Video trophy at the prestigious 2023 Trace Awards.

With over 100 music video choreography credits for top African artists like , , , Burna Boy, Patoranking, and Mr Eazi among others, Zigi's incredible impact spans the continent's biggest record labels and stars.

So, grab a friend, get ready to learn the “Tomorrow” moves, and join the dance party! This is your chance to connect with the music, celebrate African culture, and maybe even go viral. Thanks to Incredible Zigi, the dance floor is calling, and it's calling for you!