Abena Korkor’s excuse is bipolar disorder, what’s Serwaa Amihere’s?

April 5, 2024
Abena Korkor's excuse is bipolar disorder, what's Serwaa Amihere's?

While I denounce the practice of “kiss and tell,” the crux of this leak is found in 's decision to record her encounter with Henry Fitz. What was her motivation? If she was willing to film herself engaging intimately with Henry Fitz, then she might as well have required a production crew if she were to do the same with people's DL.

Serwaa's role as Master of Ceremony at the reception at Royal Senchi, along with the attendance of other celebrities, was at the recommendation of Henry Fitz's wife.

My digging revealed that they were handsomely rewarded for attending upon their invitation.

Before I stray, the central concern at hand is why Serwaa chose to involve herself carnally with the husband of her die-hard fan. By this, I am about a woman who could convince her husband to pay for you to grace their wedding reception. This is indicative of how deeply she admires you.

And thus, the focus extends beyond physical beauty. It's not about her curvaceous shape or her complexion, and ‘nyass'. —it delves into her role on GH One Screen and the subjects she addresses in her broadcasts. Can she maintain moral integrity when conducting fact-finding interviews in the future? Let's strive for fairness and impartiality, setting aside personal admiration and biases.

This situation profoundly impacts the EIB brand and public perception. While everyone has imperfections, Serwaa's actions are now under scrutiny. If , known for her bipolar-induced sexual escapades, faces criticism, what rationale exists for supporting Serwaa?

Wrong remains wrong, irrespective of the individual committing it. Engaging with married individuals in such a manner contradicts moral principles.

Unfortunately, GH One Television appears apathetic toward this development. Their stance might be justifiable if the video was filmed before Serwaa joined the network. However, evidence suggests otherwise—it appears the footage was recorded during her tenure with the television station.

No one can dictate the boundaries of discussion.

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