I cannot compromise on my Christian faith, I am against LGBTQI activities – MOG

March 13, 2024
I cannot compromise on my Christian faith, I am against LGBTQI activities – MOG

MOG, the renowned gospel singer, has recently been at the centre of public attention due to his refusal to publicly declare his position on President 's assenting of the Anti-LGBTQI bill. Addressing the issue in an interview on 's New Day, MOG asserted that he had been misquoted by reports circulating in the media. He clarified that his reluctance to comment was specifically regarding the assenting and passing of the bill, not LGBTQI activities themselves.

Emphasizing his Christian beliefs, MOG reiterated his adherence to scriptural teachings concerning LGBTQI activities. “I am a Christian and stand with the scripture. I am not going to go against my faith and do something that is wrong,” he stated on Wednesday, March 13, underscoring his unwavering commitment to his religious convictions.

However, MOG made it clear that he would refrain from commenting or engaging in discussions regarding the assenting of the Anti-LGBTQI bill by President Akufo-Addo. He emphasized that this decision was unrelated to his Christian faith and urged fellow Christians not to be unsettled by his stance, asserting that he remains focused on his calling.

“I would not comment about the passing of the bill and the bill being taken to court and the President's refusal to sign the bill,” MOG asserted, calling for respect for his position on the matter. He reassured his Christian brethren, urging them to maintain steadfastness in their faith and not be swayed by external factors.

Meanwhile, the Anti-LGBTQI bill awaits President Akufo-Addo's assent to become law. In parallel, a Ghanaian citizen, Richard Dela Sky, has filed a suit at the Supreme Court seeking to prevent the President from assenting to the bill. Sky contends that the bill violates several provisions of the 1992 Constitution, including Article 33(5) and various other fundamental rights enshrined within it.

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  1. If the question of homosexuality was important to Christianity, one would assume Jesus addressed it directly. He never does, but he lists “sexual immorality” among other “evil thoughts” in Matt 15,19-20. He might have meant homosexuality.

    Paul, however, condemns homosexuality in several letters, Rom 1,26–27; 1 Kor 6,9–11 og 1 Tim 1,9–10. Paul is an important teacher and church father, but Paul is a human being. Paul’s words are not God’s words.

    Still, in Christian tradition, homosexuality is considered a sin.

    Sowhat do we do with sinners?

    Paul demands that homosexuals are expelled from the congregation. He does not suggest to punish them otherwise.

    Jesus is very reluctant to punish sinners. As he famously says: – Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.. (John 8:7).

    He also says: – Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

    To hunt a small minority like a wolf pack might make you feel morally superior. But it is not Christianity.

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