Hip Hop and Afro Pop artiste Limbi Boy shares secrets to success in the Ghana Music industry

April 11, 2023

Ebenezer Opoku, known in the music industry as Limbi Boy, has shared his insights on what it takes to be successful in the industry.

In an interview, Limbi Boy explained that hard work, positivity, and consistency are the secrets to success in the industry.

“I believe my talent as a singer was a special gift from God to me, and my music career would lift me high in some years ahead hopefully,” he said. Limbi Boy added that his passion for music was what drove him towards success in the industry.

He further explained that he wrote his own lyrics, and over time, he had perfected them, which had given him the confidence to perform on stage. Limbi Boy added that to succeed in the industry, one needs to have the courage to go the extra mile.

“I sometimes get depressed and I overcome it by listening to songs produced by myself and other artists that give me inspiration more often,” he said.

Limbi Boy went on to cite and Young Thug as his sources of motivation, as he looked up to them and strived hard to be the best in his music career.

Limbi Boy also revealed that he would release his new track, dubbed “Asem Aba,” in due time and urged his fans, the “Limbiskid Gang,” to anticipate and stream it. “I am working massively to produce more tracks this year,” he said.

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