Highlife music evolved: Joe Osei reflects on the genre’s transformation

June 10, 2024
Highlife music evolved Joe Osei reflects on the genre’s transformation

Ghanaian highlife composer, vocalist, and performer, Mr. Joe Osei, has shared his perspective on highlife music, saying it was not the same as now. 

He said “new ones have been upgraded to another level of highlife legend, Mr. Osei had noted, indicating that contemporary highlife music had evolved with compositions transitioning into a more sophisticated realm”.
In an interview with GNA Entertainment, the renowned singer of “mepe wo asem” emphasised that whilst classic highlife tunes possess timeless appeal, the current iterations have undergone refinements and advancements that distinguish them from their predecessors.
“The essence of vintage highlife melodies differs significantly from the modern renditions. The genre has been elevated to a higher echelon in terms of musical sophistication.”  

He said that emerging artists had successfully revitalised highlife music, ensuring its relevance and resonance with contemporary audiences. 

“It is imperative to acknowledge that the torch bearers of today have adeptly preserved the essence of highlife music, taking into cognisance the tastes of the present generation, “he added. 

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