Highlife legend Joe Osei praises Kofi Kinaata’s spontaneous songwriting genius

June 20, 2024
Highlife legend Joe Osei praises Kofi Kinaata’s spontaneous songwriting genius

Ghanaian highlife icon, Mr Joe Osei, has lauded Kofi Kinaata for his exceptional ability to spontaneously craft melodious songs, making him Osei’s preferred highlife musician at present.  

In an interview with GNA Entertainment, the renowned artiste, known for hits like “Bala Bala,” expressed his admiration for Kofi’s musical prowess, ranking him as his top choice in the highlife genre, closely followed by Kuami Eugene and others.
Mr. Osei attributed his fondness for Kofi to the latter’s songwriting style and innovative song structures.
“I find myself drawn to Kofi Kinaata’s music more often, occasionally indulging in Kuami Eugene’s tracks as well.
“However, Kofi stands out for me due to his meticulous approach to songwriting, drawing inspiration from traditional highlife while infusing it with a contemporary twist. His dedication to preserving our highlife heritage is remarkable,” Osei remarked. 

Mr. Osei highlighted Kofi’s remarkable ability to effortlessly create captivating melodies on the spot when accompanied by a live band, attributing this talent to a unique spiritual gift.  

Mr. Osei emphasised that Kofi possesses a rare musical intuition that allows him to adapt to any musical setting, effortlessly composing songs that resonate with the audience, the environment, and the prevailing circumstances.  

He noted that Kuami Eugene also possesses a similar gift for spontaneous musical creation, but Kinata stands tall. 

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