Have you ever released a song that passes for TGMA criteria? — Nacee finally responds to Broda Sammy

June 1, 2024

Nana Kwaku Osei, popularly known as , has addressed the various claims and allegations made by gospel musician . In an interview with on Daybreak Hitz, Nacee advised Broda Sammy to focus on his work rather than engaging in disputes.

Drawing a comparison to a clinic or psychiatric hospital, Nacee emphasized the importance of not engaging in conflicts with those who are not fully healed. “ is like a clinic. We all go there to seek advice, counselling, or healing. Some of the people are not fully healed. So if you are not careful, somebody will bring his anger on you and in your bid to reply to them, you will make a mistake,” Nacee explained.

He further illustrated his point by saying, “If I go to the Pantang Psychiatric Hospital and someone slaps me, but because I see the person neatly dressed, I engage in a fight with him, people will wonder why I am fighting with a mad person. So I take care of certain things at the right time.”

Nacee also cautioned Broda Sammy about making dangerous statements, particularly referring to a comment Sammy made about not receiving a nomination in the Telecel Awards () until Nacee dies. “Imagine you saying that you will never get a nomination in TGMA until Nacee dies. That is a threat, and the police can hold you for that. Why should somebody die before you win an award? If you think you are strong, why don't you also release [a song]? Throughout your career, have you released a song that passes for TGMA's criteria?” he questioned.

Despite the tensions, Nacee expressed his willingness to support Broda Sammy if needed. This follows previous allegations by Broda Sammy, including an incident where Nacee allegedly deleted a rendition of his song ‘Aseda' performed by Sammy, after it gained more views than the original. Sammy also accused Nacee of influencing his lack of nominations in the TGMA, claiming that he could only be nominated upon Nacee's death.

Nacee reiterated that he would address the allegations in detail at an appropriate time but urged Broda Sammy to channel his efforts into his music career.

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