Growing trend of long beards: symbol of masculinity and style

February 2, 2024
Growing trend of long beards: symbol of masculinity and style
Mr. Richard Nana Adu-Bhonerg

The growing trend of sporting long beards, particularly among the youth, is becoming increasingly popular, with many considering it a symbol of masculinity and style. Mr. Richard Nana Adu-Bhonerg, known as the ‘Beards Gang President,' asserts that beards have historically symbolized dignity, wisdom, strength, and courage.

Adu-Bhonerg, the CEO of 90 Degrees Tribe, an event-organizing company in , highlighted the cultural and historical significance of beards in various societies. He mentioned that in Celtic tribes and ancient Egypt, beards were revered and stood for wealth, power, and importance.

The trend of growing long beards is often associated with a desire to embody traditional notions of masculinity. Adu-Bhonerg emphasized that men today are drawn to the idea of a time when “men were men,” and having a beard is a tangible expression of that masculinity.

In terms of grooming, the traditional methods of using soaps and water have evolved into sophisticated products like waxes, oils, and balms designed to keep beards looking their best. Some individuals may opt for dyeing their beards to maintain a desired colour.

Members of the “beard gang” are often meticulous about hygiene practices to keep their beards clean and healthy. Regular visits to salons for shampooing, the use of natural products like shea butter, and attention to hygiene help prevent issues such as rashes and unwanted illnesses.

The trend is not only about style but also reflects religious practices. Mr. Abdul Waajid Bancey, a member of the beard gang, shared that he keeps his beard in accordance with the Sunnah, the traditions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

While the trend continues to gain popularity, the GNA also explored the biblical perspective on beards. In ancient times, beards were considered a significant ornament among the Hebrews and other eastern nations. The cutting or shaping of beards was often frowned upon, and neglecting one's beard was associated with deep sorrow in certain contexts.

Overall, the growing trend of long beards appears to be a multifaceted expression, encompassing cultural, historical, religious, and stylistic dimensions.

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