Ghanaian nurse and makeup artist aims for Guinness World Record in lipstick application

December 30, 2023
Ghanaian nurse and makeup artist aims for Guinness World Record in lipstick application: Ghana News

Ghanaian nurse and makeup artist Dela Gomey is set to make a bold attempt at the for the most lipstick applications in 30 seconds.

The event is scheduled to take place on January 6, 2024, in , Ghana.

Gomey's journey into the world of Guinness World Records began with a chance discovery on .

After stumbling upon a post by the organization, he was inspired to explore their various record categories. Eventually, Gomey settled on the challenging feat of lipstick application.

In a phone interview with GraphicOnline, Gomey explained, “I am a nurse, and aside from that, I do makeup. I entered makeup, and a whole list came up concerning makeup out of which I chose lipstick application.”

He clarified that his attempt would not be a marathon or race but focused on applying lipstick within 30 seconds on different models.

The current record, set at an impressive 4 applications in 30 seconds, belongs to Chinese makeup artist Li Jiaqi in 2018.

Gomey aims to surpass this record by applying lipstick to at least seven models within the allotted time.

With dedicated practice, he has mastered the technique to achieve six applications and remains determined to reach his goal.

Excited about the global platform, Gomey expressed, “I'm excited to showcase my talent on a global platform and inspire others to chase their dreams.”

He called on Ghanaians to support him, drawing parallels with the backing received by Afua Asantewaa Owusu Aduonum during her sing-a-thon attempt.

The world record attempt is the centerpiece of the event, which promises to be a vibrant spectacle lasting a maximum of three hours.

Gomey assured an electrifying atmosphere for spectators, with additional activities and entertainment to make it an unforgettable experience for all.

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