Flawless corporate hairstyles for the office

March 17, 2022
corporate hairstyles

If you've been wondering about the appropriate hairstyle you can perfectly rock the office without queries from your boss or a suitable corporate hairstyle for your job interview, neat and clean, then you're at the right place.

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Corporate Hairstyles

In this article, The Ghanaian Standard has compiled a list of flawless corporate hairstyle inspirations for the office.

Sleek Bun

Corporate Hairstyles - Sleek bun

Sleek bun can be a great pick for a corporate hairstyle thus, it became the first on our list. It can be worn high or low settling right behind your neck. Some other ladies like to slay the bun sideways as well.

However, all hair types can be used to achieve the Bun. Whether African natural hair or permed hair the bun hairstyle can be sleek if only you have a stylist who is good at his/her job.

Natural hair can also be tamed by using a hair conditioner in order to achieve a smooth sleek bun. The bun is great because your hair doesn't fly around your face causing you to be distracted at work.


Bob Hairstyle

Bobs are always a classic rock to the office and a great option when it comes to corporate hairstyles. You can use your own hair to achieve the bob style or better still resort to wig caps.

Using your hair to achieve the bob style can be very demanding. It means you have to trim your entire hair to the same length to get the bob.

Nevertheless, the bob is a preferred choice because of its simplicity and conciseness. The types of bobs are; Classic bob, Shingle bob, A-line bob, Chin-length bob, Neck-length bob, Shoulder-length bob, and Bob bangs, just to mention a few.


Corporate Hairstyles - Pixie

The Pixie hairstyle is also another good option for the office. It is short and concise, giving you that smart and “I mean business” look. It looks edgy and depicts a strong, confident and youthful corporate woman.

All hair types can be used for the pixie cut or you can fix weave-ons on your hair. In these times, the wig cap has become the most preferred choice because women don't stress too much in managing the pixie.

With having a pixie with your natural hair, all you need is a regular trim in six to eight weeks to keep the style in good shape. This hairstyle is less expensive and actually saves time.

There are different pixie styles that can suit all face shapes, we have the short pixie, very short pixie, pixie bob, punk pixie, asymmetrical pixie cut and many others.

Straight Hair

Corporate Hairstyles -  Straight Hair

Wearing Straight hair can depict professionalism and deemed corporate. African relaxed hair types can be used to achieve straight hair by applying heat and conditioning oils to make it look silky and shiny. Nevertheless, most ladies choose the easier way of getting a wig cap with the straight sleek feature.

A straight hair creates a serious look and it's high maintenance. Straight hair can be styled in so many ways. You can tie your straight hair loosely and gather them behind your neck preventing it from falling onto your face. It can also be styled into a ponytail or a low bun.

CornRow Braids

Corporate Hairstyles

Cornrow braids can be a great pick for the office when done properly. It often depicts the African culture and has a wide variety of styles you can choose from.

Cornrows are braided mostly with hair extensions attached to your scalp. They look really beautiful when braided carefully and can be a budget saver when kept well.

It requires scalp treatment oils and some foaming mousse to keep it smooth and glossy like it was freshly braided. Cornrows are trendy and come in different styles. There is the flat braids, pony cornrow, cornrow Rasta,  If properly done, braids can last up to six weeks.


Corporate Hairstyles

Braids are no exemptions when it comes to corporate hairstyles for the office. Normally wig extensions are attached to either the natural or relaxed hair to attain a perfect braid. There are countless braid styles to choose from to attain a corporate look.

Braids are low maintenance, thus, they can be worn for six to eight weeks. Some braid hairstyles include knotless braids, box braids, bob braids, two-strand braids, jumbo braids and many more.

These are our top six (6) inspirations of corporate hairstyles you can try out the next time you visit the salon. All the above-mentioned styles will be flawless to the office if no loud colours are added to the hair.

Most corporate institutions prefer black or brown hair. Also, your hair must be devoid of hair accessories like beads, raids and braid cuffs. Feel free to leave your comments on this article.

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