Fella Makafui’s shenanigans in the US causes an uproar on social media

June 17, 2024
Fella Makafui’s shenanigans in the US causes an uproar on social media

Fella Makafui's recent shenanigans in the US has caused an uproar on . Fella who seem to be enjoying her life after her separation from was seen chilling with some friends.

The actress and movie producer shared some photos of herself in skimpy clothes. The sexy attire made it clear she was trying to get the attention of Medikal. Some fans told her to give up because she wasn't going to get his attention.

Medikal and Fella's has been in the public eye for some time now after the rapper openly declared that he had divorced his wife.

Their relationship has been documented in the media and the press following several bitter revelations in their marriage.

Medikal's recent outburst follows an incident which occurred recently where he claimed her baby mama called the police on him for asking her cousin to vacate his residence.

The rapper who shares a child with Makafui, expressed his reluctance to go public due to their family ties but stated that the situation has escalated beyond his control.

According to him, her ex-wife claimed she suspected him of being with another woman, hence, the reason for her outburst.

While I was staying at Caterpillar junction at East Legon, there was this day she jumped over my wall and entered my room saying she suspects I was with another woman.

“I was with my friends playing video game, she threw my tea i was drinking on me, slammed my head with the coffee cup, destroyed my play station and my television. She also destroyed my laptop used for recording in my studio. She further hit my head with hanger several times,” Medikal narrated.

The rapper said despite all these, he never retaliated and called the police from the Lakeside police station to intervene and send Fella Makafui away.

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