Fashion extravaganza at Volta Trade and Investment Fair showcases local talents

December 13, 2023
Fashion extravaganza at Volta Trade and Investment Fair showcases local talents: Ghana News

designers in the took center stage at the 2023 Volta Trade and Investment Fair in Ho, displaying their skills during a fashion show sponsored by Akosombo Textiles (ATL).

The event, which featured about two dozen designers, became one of the highlights of the fair, captivating a large audience at Jubilee Park in Ho.

Designers showcased various fabrics using designs from ATL's Collection, with brands like Sasa Clothen, Viva Couture, Vinalux Designs, and Amaruta Clothen gracing the stage.

The show also welcomed smock designers from northern Ghana and a few fashion brands from Togo and other African countries.

A speed-sewing competition among designers aimed to promote time management in client service and prompt delivery.

Mr. Sam Hemans-Arday, Marketing Manager of ATL, emphasized the company's commitment to the fashion industry, stating, “We believe that when we provide this platform, we can help them improve on their existing talents and scale up towards more profitability.”

In addition to displaying excellent quality fashionable real wax and fancy prints for all occasions, ATL also prints customized fabrics for schools, churches, associations, and organizations.

Mr. Hemans-Arday highlighted the cultural significance of the showcased designs, stating, “The clothes that we wear reflect who we are, who we aspire to be, and convey a wide range of emotions, hopes, celebrations, and respect.”

Dr. , the Volta Regional Minister, expressed gratitude to Akosombo Textiles for the fashion event, emphasizing the potential for the fashion industry in the region to benefit from such support.

The fair, held under the theme “Leveraging the for Economic Development,” featured seminars, conferences, and forums aimed at promoting in the region and beyond.

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