Do not deny your husbands sex; it is a form of exercise – Nutritionist

May 2, 2024
Do not deny your husbands sex; it is a form of exercise- Nutritionist
Head of Nutrition and Dietetics Unit at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge Dr Dorcas Asante Afari

Dr Dorcas Asante Afari, Head of Nutrition and Dietetics  Unit at the Greater Regional Hospital, Ridge, has urged married women not to deny their husbands sex because it is a form of exercise.

She said sex was an important form of exercise needed by the body and helped to ensure healthy living.

Dr Afari gave the advice during a health talk for workers of the (GNA) on the theme: “Healthy Lifestyle for Productivity,” in Accra.

It was organised by the GNA Division of the Public Service Workers Union to mark the May Day celebration with support from the GNA Management, Ghandour Cosmetic Limited and Promasidor. 

Dr Afari also advised Ghanaians to change from the consumption of simple to complex carbohydrates to improve digestion.

She said that type of carbohydrates were ideal especially for people with type 2 diabetes as they helped manage blood sugar spikes after meals.

She explained that complex carbohydrates digested more slowly and released glucose into the bloodstream more gradually while simple carbohydrates were digested quickly and spiked blood sugar faster and higher.

Complex carbohydrates include potatoes, corn, rice, carrots, yams, oats, wheat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and whole grains.

Simple carbohydrates are processed sugar, corn syrup, bread, fructose, sucrose and fruit juice concentrate among others.

The Nutritionist said healthy dieting was about proper timing and eating in moderation, adding that a healthy lifestyle was an investment in oneself. She advised the public to avoid alcohol, and smoking, eat more fruits and vegetables according to their health needs, engage in more physical activity, drink adequate water and avoid inappropriate use of medication

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