DJ Sliming exposes challenges in Ghana music industry: Investor confidence, support system falling behind

July 14, 2023

Renowned Ghanaian DJ and radio personality, DJ Sliming, has expressed concern over the potential impact of Nigerian artists adopting Ghanaian drill or Asakaa music.

In a post, he highlighted the differences between the two music industries and emphasized the need for Ghana to protect its music scene.

DJ Sliming acknowledged the superiority of the Nigerian music industry in several aspects. Firstly, he praised their high investor confidence, noting that Nigerian artists rarely abscond with investors' funds, unlike some Ghanaian counterparts.

He lamented the lack of a robust ecosystem in Ghana to monitor and prevent such occurrences.

Secondly, he highlighted the financial backing that Nigerian artists receive, enabling them to tap into global recognition by strategically positioning themselves in relevant spaces.

This financial support contributes to their success and further widens the gap between the two countries' music industries.

Lastly, DJ Sliming emphasized the importance of a strong support system in the music ecosystem, not limited to artists alone. He praised the collective effort in , where everyone involved in the industry benefits, creating a conducive environment for growth and success.

In his passionate post, DJ Sliming called for Ghana to rally behind its own music, specifically Asakaa, by dedicating an “Alpha hour” to promote and celebrate the genre.

He humorously warned that failure to do so could result in analyzing the level of success achieved by Nigerian drill music next year.

DJ Sliming, with his vast experience and influence in the Ghanaian music scene, brings attention to the potential threats faced by the local industry. His message serves as a call to action for stakeholders to support and nurture Ghanaian music, ensuring its sustainability and continued growth.

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