DJ Pakorich, known for bashing Ghana music, defends alleged Nigerian cold shoulders towards Afua Asantewaa

December 27, 2023
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influencer and music critic, Richmond Pakorich Pokoo, widely known as DJ Pakorich, has provided insights into the perceived lack of support Afua Asantewaa is reportedly receiving from .

Currently in Ghana, DJ Pakorich is known for running a music show that often critiques the Ghanaian music industry while praising its Nigerian counterpart.

The discussion gained traction after Michael Aidoo Wyse's post criticized Nigerians for not supporting Afua Asantewaa in the same manner as Ghanaians rallied behind Hilda Baci during her cook-a-thon.

In response, DJ Pakorich, during a conversation with his Nigerian guest, defended the apparent lack of attention from Nigerians, stating, “Nigerians don't like to give their attention to things that don't concern us; we don't put energy into things we shouldn't put energy into.”

He further pointed out the campaign urging Afua to sing only Ghanaian songs as a factor that might hinder cross-border support.

Explaining the contrasting support Hilda Baci received, DJ Pakorich attributed it to extensive PR efforts conducted before her event. He suggested that the lack of coherence in Afua's campaign might be a reason for the perceived indifference.

Despite the reported Nigerian reservations, has received overwhelming support from Ghanaians, including a visit and motivation from Vice President Dr. .

DJ Pakorich's remarks also shed light on the dynamics within the music industry, particularly the influence of Nigerian musicians in the Ghanaian music space.

His comments underscore the ongoing debate about the impact of foreign music dominance on the local industry, with initiatives like the Play Ghana campaign aimed at addressing this concern.

While some DJs argue that the local industry lacks sufficient hit songs, critics like DJ Pakorich point to the perceived lack of support from within the industry itself.

The conversation continues to fuel discussions about the balance between promoting international collaborations and supporting local talent in the evolving landscape of the Ghanaian music industry.

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