Content creators urged to explore cultural diversity

July 4, 2024
Content creators urged to explore cultural diversity

Mr Jonathan Nii Laryea, a Digital Content and music expert has urged influencers and content creators in the to explore the rich cultural diversity and tourist potential of the region.

“Volta Region is full of diverse activities which are all content worthy, the music, the dances, the various traditional dressings, and the foods we eat are all rich content worthy materials.”

Mr Laryea, popularly known as ‘Jonilar' made the call in an interaction on how Facebook users could utilise the recent trend of monetisation to benefit them.

He said what needed to be done for the positive use of the new introduction included how to follow Meta community guidelines, how to obey copyright regulations, and the need to get more followers and viewers.

Describing the move as a long time coming and a window of opportunity, Mr Laryea outlined several key methods for monetising content on the Facebook platform, including through-in-stream ads, fans subscriptions, branded content, and stars program.

He said this would allow fans to purchase and send stars to support creators during live streams.

“Almost every place in Volta is unique and if well-articulated, can help whoever is doing it to reap the best of it. Those at the coast can create content at the beach, the sea, the beautiful sand, and fishing methods,” he added.

Mr Laryea mentioned several tourist sites in Volta such as the Fort, Slave markets, canopy walks, animal parks, and a lot of which others in other places would love to see.

“So, these contents can help you reach more followers as well as viewers and you know what that means,” he said.

Ghana and are the two African countries to have recently been included in Meta (Facebook) monetisation after Egypt and , offering more opportunities for content creators in those countries.

Mr Laryea hinted at organising forums for young content creators nationwide on the subject very soon.

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