Chef Smith’s assistant apologises for defrauding the country

July 6, 2024
Chef Smith's assistant apologises to Ghanaians for defrauding the country

The Assistant of Millineum Chef Smith, Leticia Martekie Sankah, has issued a statement apologizing to Ghanaians following the discovery that he had defrauded the entire country.

Chef Smith, following his over 800 hours cookathon, announced this past week at a press conference that he had been awarded the longest cooking marathon record by Guinness World Records.

However, he was later found to have lied.

Smith apparently had not even informed Guinness World Records of his attempt and had defrauded his sponsors as well who thought they were sponsoring a legitimate attempt.

In reaction, Sankah shared a statement announcing that she wasn't aware of the fraud and apologized for her part in it.

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