CEO Consumer Protection Agency to take on stations promoting gambling

June 24, 2024
CEO Consumer Protection Agency to take on stations promoting gambling

The Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Protection Agency, Kofi Kapito, has expressed serious concerns about media stations promoting gambling, by advertising betting brands on their channels.

He said he will take on all platforms that authorise the advertising of such acts.

Kofi Kapito's agitation coincides with the Food and Drugs Authority's directive to prohibit celebrities from endorsing alcoholic beverages, a decision which was upheld by the Supreme Court this week after a suit was filed to challenge it.

Speaking on Joy Prime's Prime Morning, he noted that alcohol consumption or abuse is not the only vice in society; highlighting smoking and gambling.

“There are some things that are considered vices in life: alcohol is one, smoking is another, even womanising and gambling. I have a big issue, and I'm going to take that out with all the media stations now promoting gambling, the betting. These are vices,” he reiterated

Mr Kapito does not condemn adults above the age of eighteen who indulge in such activities, but he advises that the future of young people must be secured, which is why laws are enacted to protect the vulnerable in society.

He also reiterated that all media platforms have been cautioned against promoting specific behaviours, but they fail to comply with the rules since the laws are not enforced.

Citing the deviant conduct observed in traditional media, he wonders if Ghana has efficient and vibrant media regulatory bodies to check and ensure culprits are dealt with.

“When you self-regulate, the law doesn't come after you. The media houses have been warned about not doing certain things, and they don't adhere because the law is not there. They don't even want to self-regulate. I've engaged GIBA on several occasions. Sometimes I even wonder if the National Media Commission works because Sarpong will tell you that he doesn't have what it takes to fight.”

Likewise, Mr Kapito remarked that some programmes are repeatedly shown on television stations during inappropriate hours, and the NMC ignored them.

He revealed that he is the instigator of the FDA's directive against well-known persons endorsing alcoholic adverts and that he is pleased with the results of his efforts.

He blamed parents for keeping silent about such promotions on TV, despite the harm it may cause to their offspring. He urged media houses to tread cautiously.

He said he is hundred per cent (100%) in support of the FDA's decision and the court's ruling on the case, adding that the Authority is not completely ripping the individual celebrities from earning an income but is requesting collaborative work to ensure sanity in the industry.

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