Camidoh discloses how a heartbreak inspired his latest song

June 21, 2024
Camidoh discloses how a heartbreak inspired his latest song

Camidoh has disclosed how a heartbreak inspired his latest song. Speaking to Anita on the afternoon show on , Camidoh disclosed how his girlfriend broke his heart a few months ago. Instead of it making him sad and depressed, he decided to channel it into music.

Camidoh also explained his reason for posting pictures and a video of him smoking an unknown substance, which went viral on .

According to him, he was telling a story with visuals because of the journey he was on.

“I was telling a story. People tell stories with negative things but positive stories. So, that's what I'm trying to explain, but at that point till now, it's still there because I'm trying to tell a story,” he explained.

The singer sees nothing wrong with his actions because he believes everybody has their own reasons for things they engage in.

“ I guess it's an unfolding story; it's something that man has been through, and he tries to tell a story, but it has to come in phases. You just don't tell God to show you your future now. You have to go through the process, and people have to be patient to be able to get the full story,” he answered.

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