By the age of 40 if you still beg people for money then you are lazy – Nana Ama Mcbrown

June 15, 2024
By the age of 40 if you still beg people for money then you are lazy - Nana Ama Mcbrown

Ghanaian actress cum TV Show host, has disclosed why people should stop begging for money at a certain age.

Speaking during her Onua showtime show on , Nana Ama Mcbrown explained that when lazy people keep begging for money for a long time till the age of 40, they become a burden to society.

“It is good to ask for help sometimes. But when you make it a habit, people become tired of you. If by the age of 40 you haven't found yourself some work to do and still begging people for money for basic things, it means you are lazy and didn't plan your future well.

We all have our problems but if keep burdening people with your problems. They will get tired of it eventually. So work hard and plan better for yourself”.

While her advice was received in good faith by many people, some people found issues with it by saying she is too comfortable to be advising people not to ask for help.

McBrown's acting career started after she responded to a call for audition on the radio by Miracle Films. She was hired to handle costuming however, on the set, she was given the lead role after the director, Samuel Nyamekye, felt that she was better suited for the role.

In 2001, her first movie, That Day, was released, launching her career. Her performance in That Day helped her land a spot on the TV series Tentacles.

In 2007, McBrown appeared in the movie “Asoreba”, co-starring Agya Koo and Mercy Aseidu. Afterwards, she has played a number of roles in a lot of movies.

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