Born-again Christians should not engage in secular music – Morris Babyface

May 31, 2024
Born-again Christians should not engage in secular music - Morris Babyface

Renowned singer and songwriter, Morris Babyface, born as Marx Morris Twumasi recently shared his views on the compatibility of being a born-again Christian and engaging in secular music.

In an interview with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast Property FM, he emphasized that a staunch born-again Christian should not be involved in creating secular music, regardless of the lyrical content.

Babyface, a well-known record producer, explained that upon embracing his faith, he made a conscious decision to refrain from producing music for secular artists. He firmly asserted that one cannot serve both God and the devil, hence the need to make a definitive choice between the two. He stressed the importance of wholeheartedly belonging to either the divine or secular realm, rather than attempting to straddle the line between the two.

“You can't claim to be a staunch born-again Christian but yet still you do secular music with the explanation that your lyrics aren't profane or ungodly and that's the bitter truth.

“You can't put one of your feet in the house of God and put the other in the secular world so you're either for God or the devil. The moment you share anything else with God, you belong to that thing and you no longer belong to God and so if you belong to God it must be exclusive. You either belong to God alone or the secular world alone so you can't have a divided attention and still think that you are a staunch born-again Christian,” he said.

Morris further highlighted a prevalent issue where individuals within religious circles find worldly pursuits more enticing than activities within . He cautioned against justifying such preferences and emphasized the need for unwavering commitment to one's faith.

He said, “There are people in church but what the worldly people do excites them more than what is done in the house of God and that's what a lot of people do and give themselves reasons for doing that”.

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