Bisa Kdei releases heartfelt Single “Medaase” to celebrate 38th birthday

March 23, 2024
Bisa Kdei releases heartfelt Single Medaase to celebrate 38th birthday

Celebrated Highlife artist Bisa Kdei marked his 38th birthday with the release of a poignant new single titled “Medaase” (Grateful).

The release of “Medaase” comes as part of Bisa Kdei’s birthday celebrations on March 19, 2024, adding another gem to his illustrious music career.

In this heartfelt track, Bisa Kdei expresses profound gratitude for the blessings and experiences that have shaped his life and musical journey. Through captivating storytelling, “Medaase” celebrates the highs and lows that have contributed to his success.

As Bisa Kdei commemorates another milestone in his life and musical odyssey, “Medaase” serves as a testament to his appreciation for fans and supporters who have been part of his remarkable journey.

The single is now available on various streaming platforms, offering listeners a soulful glimpse into Bisa Kdei’s gratitude-filled perspective. Stay tuned for the release of the accompanying music video in the coming weeks.

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