Article Wan advocates for increased investments in Ghanaian music industry

January 28, 2024
Article Wan advocates for increased investments in Ghanaian music industry: Ghana News

Renowned Ghanaian musician, Bright Homenyah, popularly known as Article Wan, has emphasized the potential for Ghanaian music to rival Nigerian music on the global stage with substantial investments. Speaking passionately about the untapped talent pool in Ghana, the musician highlighted the necessity of providing the right support to amplify the voices of local artists.

“Nigerians are dominating the market, and the truth is that Nigerians have massive investment, which has made their music very loud. We are doing our best, but we don't have that level of investment,” Article Wan remarked, underscoring the disparity in resources between the two countries.

Acknowledging the struggles faced by Ghanaian artists, who often have to self-fund their projects, Article Wan lamented the lack of support that leaves many talented musicians unnoticed. Despite the commendable efforts of artists like , Fameye, , , , and in promoting Ghanaian music globally, Article Wan stressed the need for substantial investments to propel the industry to greater heights.

Regarding his latest single titled “Yeye,” Article Wan described it as an inspirational track aimed at motivating listeners to strive for excellence in life. Accompanied by a captivating music video, “Yeye” has already garnered significant attention on platforms like , reflecting the artist's growing influence and popularity.

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