Afua Asantewaa addresses delay in communicating Sing-a-thon Results amid Guinness World Records dispute

February 26, 2024
Afua Asantewaa addresses delay in communicating Sing-a-thon Results amid Guinness World Records dispute
Afua Asantewaa Aduonum

Ghanaian entrepreneur, , has provided insight into the delay in communicating the results of her sing-a-thon attempt, following allegations suggesting she withheld information regarding her achievement.

In December 2023, Afua Asantewaa embarked on a quest to break the record for the longest sing-a-thon by an individual, successfully reaching an impressive duration of 126 hours and 52 minutes.

However, despite her accomplishment, an announcement made by Guinness World Records (GWR) on February 23, 2024, stated that her attempt was unsuccessful.

Addressing the matter on GTV on February 26, 2024, Afua Asantewaa disclosed that on February 13, she received an email from GWR requesting her to log in and view the status of her record attempt. Despite multiple attempts, she was unable to access the website as instructed.

“As we speak, I cannot log in and we have screenshots. As if I knew this would happen,” she expressed.

Afua Asantewaa clarified that due to the login issues, she lodged a complaint with GWR to resolve the matter promptly. Without access to her account, she was unable to obtain the official document from GWR necessary to make a statement about the results.

The entrepreneur emphasized her commitment to transparency and the integrity of the record attempt, asserting that she had taken necessary steps to address the discrepancy with GWR. She expressed hope for a swift resolution to the issue and reiterated her gratitude to supporters throughout her sing-a-thon endeavor.

As the dispute with GWR continues, Afua Asantewaa remains focused on achieving clarity regarding the outcome of her record attempt and ensuring transparency in the process.

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