Afro Nation Nigeria cancelled for December 2023

October 31, 2023
Afro Nation Nigeria cancelled for December 2023

LAGOS, – In a recent statement, Afro Nation, the renowned music festival, has regretfully announced the cancellation of the highly anticipated Afro Nation Nigeria festival scheduled for December 2023.

“As event organisers, we hold ourselves to extremely high standards and it has become clear to us that it is currently not possible to deliver a show that is of the quality that Nigeria deserves in December 2823”, the statement read.

The decision was made in the pursuit of maintaining their exceptional standards and ensuring an unparalleled experience for the Nigerian audience.

Afro Nation, which has successfully organised music extravaganzas worldwide, including Portugal, Ghana, Puerto Rico, Miami, and Detroit, expressed its deep attachment to Nigeria, acknowledging the nation's significant role in the community.

Unfortunately, the organisers believe they cannot meet their quality standards for the festival in December.

In their official statement, Afro Nation conveyed their commitment to the Afrobeats culture and their dedication to providing a platform for artists and fans to connect.

The festival has also notably played a role in the establishment of Afrobeats charts in both the US and the UK.

The statement released by Afro Nation read: “We have put on incredible shows in Portugal, Ghana, Puerto Rico, Miami, and Detroit but Nigeria holds a special place in our hearts, so we are heartbroken not to be able to celebrate with you this year. Please know, we are 100% committed to creating an Afro Nation show in Lagos that we can all be proud of.”

The cancellation of the event has undoubtedly disappointed fans and ticket holders alike. Afro Nation assured those who have purchased tickets that they would be receiving full refunds, including booking fees.

Ticket-holders need not take any action, as they will soon receive an email with comprehensive instructions regarding the refund process.

In conclusion, Afro Nation extended their gratitude to their loyal supporters, stating, “We know that you are as disappointed as we are and to all those who have purchased tickets, we love you and thank you for supporting us on this journey.”

Read the full statement below;

Afro Nation Nigeria cancelled for December 2023

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