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GhStandard advertising is best for brand awareness, product activation, and conversion. The site's content makes over two million contacts with real people every month, and since 2023, these figures have been increasing by 25% on average every month.

67% of them are on Google and the rest are on . 70% of them are in Ghana, the rest are largely people in the diaspora with an interest in Ghana (US, Canada, UK, Germany, ).

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  • Top Banner: $500 monthly
  • In-Article Banner: $100 monthly
  • Sidebar Banner: $200 monthly
  • Bottom Banner: $300 monthly

Sponsored Content:

  • Sponsored Article: $100 per article
  • Sponsored Article (Writing & Publishing): $200 per article

Social Media Promotion:

  • Facebook Post: $30 per post
  • Twitter Post: $50 per post
  • Instagram Post: $20 per post


  1. All rates are subject to change based on demand and availability. Discounts may be offered for longer-term or bulk purchases.
  2. We offer free graphic media design assistance for your ad artwork
  3. Please contact us for customized packages and additional advertising opportunities on our sister platform
  4. The Ghanaian Standard does not accept guest posts, link insertions, or exchanges. Emails requesting this will be ignored. Also, we do not work with gambling sites, adult sites, body enhancement products, or alcohol.
  5. Payment must be made via bank transfer, Mobile Money, or Credit/Debit Card before the advert is implemented.