7 months in Accra – Everyone who told me not to come to Ghana was wrong 😛

June 5, 2024
Everyone who told me not to come to Ghana was wrong (2)
Aerial shot of Accra | Photo: Mappr

I moved to 7 months ago with my family without knowing a soul. I was discouraged from coming by my family, friends, and people online. I understand their concerns because nothing has worked out the way I planned, but everything has been moving in my favor.

I still feel the same way I did the first month I arrived. I love it here and don't want to leave at all. The only things I'm missing from the USA are the beef and my relatives. All that said, these are the things I'm still chewing on while trying to adapt to Ghana:

Social Status:

I'm treated really well here as an American. People think I'm rich and intelligent or extremely gullible because I have an accent. Back home, I'd have to code-switch just to get a job. People assume I'm high class, but I grew up poor and have been homeless twice in my life.

A Liberian girl told me I was out of her league after speaking to me for only 10 minutes. Being from a poor family makes hearing things like that bittersweet.


I've made one male friend and two female friends since I've been here. Everyone in Ghana is friendly, but most people have ulterior motives when trying to befriend me. It makes me really uncomfortable when people go into servant mode around me, especially when it's not their job to serve me.

I've heard from many that the majority of Ghanaian girls just want what they can get out of you and then will move on. I've heard this from Ghanaian men and women as well as Nigerian men and women.


Being a Nigerian in Ghana seems to be like being African American in the . Everyone thinks you're up to no good and that you're ruining the country with criminal activity, violence, and hypersexuality.


I don't know how you guys do it. I've heard stories about people making only 700 GHS a month with no guarantee of being paid on time or at all. How can you save? How can you pay the bills?


There's no room for subtlety here. I've found that being very direct is the most effective way to communicate with people. I also need to find someone to teach me Twi. Sure, I'm able to get around fine, but I feel I'm missing out on a lot.


Everyone who told me not to come to Ghana was wrong 😛. I'm still adjusting and want to learn Twi.

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